How to Build a Computer

How to Build a Computer

The best way to obtain a gaming computer is to build a computer yourself! Plenty of people want to have the education and ability to buy and build their own computer from scratch, but are too afraid that they do not know how to put the parts together. What they DON’T know is that is VERY SIMPLE to build your own computer! By selecting each part to your computer individually, you will be able to choose the exact specifications you want for your computer, as well as it being a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made computer from a local retailer.

There is a website called that has step by step instructions on how to build your own custom gaming computer. This website starts you off by selecting the parts you want from 3 pre-made computer parts lists. However, if you want to use parts that we have not specifically recommended, the website ALSO teaches you how to make sure your parts are compatible! Once you have chosen the parts to your computer the website then goes into detail on how to build a computer step by step with plenty of pictures.

To start off building a computer please just visit the Part Selection page which will cover 3 different builds of computers that they put together for the basic gaming computer, moderate gaming computer and the computer for elite gaming computer seekers. If you have already acquired all the parts, then just go straight to the How to Build a Computer: Introduction page and get started on the path to assembling your computer!

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